House Rules

Your character will have one daily consumable item use, separate from daily magic item uses. This consumable use will not refresh for milestones. You may still use consumables with your regular daily magic item uses if you choose. The consumable uses will scale with tiers, just as daily magic item uses do, so when you have two daily magic items uses per day you will also gain two consumable item uses per day.

Hero Points
A role-playing points rewards system, explained here: Hero Points.

Half-orc change: By default, half-orc attributes choices are: fixed DEX, option STR/CON. I disagree with fixed DEX. Half-orcs are known for either STR or CON, but not usually DEX. I am willing to bend the rules and change the half-orc attribute choices to fixed CON, option STR/DEX.

Allowed: Themes, Hybrids.
Not allowed: Dragonmark feats.
Freebie feat: Expertise.
Loot: Chit system, with some bonus fixed loot thrown in for flavor.
Start: Level 3, 6 levels of magic items, from levels 1-5. 212gp.

Backgrounds: Background stories will be rewarded with hero points and an additional benefit – small magic item, consumable, privileges at the local inn/stable, etc.

The Big Character Questions
A couple of questions to help flesh out your character.

1. Religious affiliation, if any. Give 3 sentences about your religious beliefs. If you have no religious beliefs, give 3 sentences about why you don’t or what other things are important to you (family, money, etc).

2. If no background story, then give 3 adjectives to describe your character.

3. Give me a reason/purpose for your character. What does this character want to accomplish? Adventuring goals, life goals, development goals, etc?

4. At least 3 important people in your character’s life, alive or dead.

House Rules

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